Re: Negative video ??

Jim Tonti (
18 May 95 18:52:21 EDT

Hear! Hear! A second call for comment about 'Negative' video.

I (try to) use a ProMovie Spectrum capture card. I get
what looks like a two-color pallet (gray and greyer),
and it is inverted, so the image looks like a very washed-out
high contrast negative image, but which does fill the screen, and
is *marginally* useful.

Any-one have info on the MSVIDEO.DLL calls/interface? I would
like to try patching in a pallet which would make this card (and
maybe others) work. Of course, this could also end up a disaster.
But at least we might learn something of the DLL interface which
seems to dog many of us running on the PC.

I use Trumpet Winsock 2.0 PPP, 14.4kBps Intel SatisFAXtion, on 386/25,
through Evergreen (local provider).

There has been much flame-age about SLIP/PPP settings to get
optimal (and net-friendly, dare I use the word) performance from
CU-SeeMe over modem lines. If you have a setup that doesn't seem to
bog down, please mail it to me direct, and I will compile it and post
to the group.

CU Around (albeit in 2 shades of gray...)-

Jim Tonti
Phoenix, AZ