CU-SeeMe freeze

Michael Sattler (
Thu, 18 May 1995 23:39:42 -0700

>From: (Howard Upchurch)
>Subject: CU-SeeMe freeze
>I need help with CU-SeeMe!
>The problem: The program freezes up on me with great regularity, most
>frequently when 2 received video windows are open, but also with just one.
>Freezes occur anytime from within seconds after connecting to a reflector
>site, to after more than twenty minutes. Error modes have been any of the
>following: 1) A Mac freeze, cursor moves, but does nothing 2) Everything
>freezes, including the cursor 3) Application unexpectedly quit 4) System
>error, type 11 (Miscellaneous hardware exception). In all cases, a Mac
>restart is the only fix. I have no known problem with any other application
>or equipment. All other Internet related programs operate well and fast.
>The equipment: Mac 7100/66, clock-chipped to 80 MHz, 48 MB RAM, 2 Gig
>Quantum HD connected to a PLI QuickSCSI Nubus card, Connectix QuickCam on
>Printer Port (software version 1.03), System 7.5.1, Internal CD-ROM. I
>connect to the Internet through a Supra 288 FaxModem, v.34, connected to
>the Modem port.
>Attempted fixes: I have removed all extensions & control panels with the
>exception of MacTCP, Quicktime & Quicktime Power Plug (even the QuickCam
>init removed). I have tried various versions of MacTCP. It fails with or
>without Apple Multimedia tuner installed. I brought the system clock down
>from 88 MHz to 80 MHz. I have downloaded the CU-SeeMe program from several
>sources. I have tried the 0.7 version, as well as the 0.8b2 for PPC and for
>680x0. I tend to rule out the modem or my Internet provider, because after
>a freeze, the connection remains and the "RD" light flashes for 20 or more
>seconds. I use the Ethernet port for my printer, but have tried using
>LocalTalk, with AppleTalk turned on and off. I have allocated the CU-SeeMe
>application anywhere from 3716 to 15000 Meg of RAM. I have opened another
>large program before CU-SeeMe in order to force it to load into a different
>portion of RAM. I have zapped the PRAM. Nothing I have tried has had any
>effect on the freezing problem.
>Surely someone can say "I had that problem, too, until I ..." Please, I
>need help before I tear out what little hair I have left! This is such a
>fascinating program that just HAVE to get it working.
>Howard Upchurch

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