Re: use the outer edge of Eithernet

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hey send me one of those bottles of beer!

At 09:53 AM 5/15/95 -0400, Chuck Elliot wrote:
>...and comes complete with complementary never-ending bottle of beer ;o)
>>>>At 22:32 5/12/95, Don Johnson wrote:
>>>>>...Their system claims to
>>>>>use the outer edge of Eithernet cable therefore not degrading network
>>>>>performance nada....
>>>>Huh? How do they train the electrons to recognize the outer edge of the
>>>>cable? Does it matter if you use Thicknet (IEEE 802.3) which has much more
>>>>of an outer surface, thinnet (which has much less), or twisted-pair RJ-11
>>>>(where the outside gets twisted to be the inside, and, well, the electrons
>>>>would get all dizzy).
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>>>Leave it to you Michael to not let me get away with that one! Let me put
>>it in their words and I welcome all feedback.
>>>"Many DVC systems use the computer's CPU and memory for processing; others
>>use network bandwidth that's normally reserved for data and other
>>applications. Just one video phone call with these systems can bring an
>>entire network to a standstill."
>>>"By contrast, C-Phone does not affect the performance of PC's and the
>>network. C-PHONE's internal card includes its own processor and memory,
>>freeing the computer's processing power for other work. And, since C-PHONE
>>transmits video at broadband rates, the bandwidth required for normal data
>>traffic remains untouched."
>>>"...No network bandwidth is used in transmitting the video. Hundreds of
>>simultaneous video calls can be made. Other DVC systems often have the
>>ability to connect within the building, but these systems use enormous
>>amounts of network bandwidth, rendering the network unusable for the people
>>who use the network when even one video call is in progress."
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