Quickcam with Powermac problem

Sandra Priest (aap@cosmail1.ctd.ornl.gov)
Fri, 19 May 1995 08:56:35 -0400

The Quickcam I was using with my cx will not work with my new powermac
7100/80 mhz. I have tried both the modem and printer ports without success.
Other devices work fine in the ports. Colors are set to 256. I have
version 1.03 of the software. Initially I get an odd grey pattern with a
black band across the top followed immediately by the whole window turning
black. Connectix thinks it is a problem with low power to the modem port
and wants to replace the camera. But if I understood them correctly there
is no guarantee that the new camera would work either. Since the
paperwork and delays to return the camera are monumental (we are a
government contractor), I want to avoid this if at all possible. All help
will be *APPRECIATED*.

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