Trumpet SLIP/PPP Settings

Jane Copley (
Fri, 19 May 1995 09:47:52 -0400

I've noticed a few references to Trumpet over SLIP/PPP and sluggishness of
response times. Someone else mentioned settings might be too high for a
couple of key elements, but didn't mention what would be good starting points.

According to the Trumpet 2.0 Manual, these are good SLIP/CSLIP/PPP settings:

TCP RWIN : 848
TCP MSS : 512 for SLIP, 212 for CSLIP (initially)
MTU : 256 (initially)

I'm not saying RTFM, but I happened to be paging through it today for
something else and saw this. I'm not sure these are the best settings, but ...

Jonathan Caldwell