Re: CUSM vs Apple videoconferencing?

Dan Magorian (
Fri, 19 May 1995 14:09:36 -0400

>How does CU-SeeMe compare to Apples new Quicktime-based videoconferencing
>system due to be functional this summer? Color? Intrusive alert? Will the
>QuickCam work with Apples system? I understand there are beta versions out,
>so somebody should be able to compare?

I didn't sign an NDA, so I can discuss it. Nor will my local Apple support
guys give me the release version, so I haven't seen that. I'll probably
buy it when it's out on Apple's June or July pricelist.

Quicktime Conferencing (the app is called Apple Media Conference) is a nice
piece of software designed to sell Macs. It essentially talks only to
itself or high-end video systems using the H.261 standard, which CUSeeMe
does not support. It does color, audio, and generally seems to have better
performance than CUSeeMe, although I haven't done any benchmarking. It can
use Appletalk, IP, or ISDN (a bit confusing the way this is chosen, since
obviously there's the media and then what protocol is used over it). Each
station can act as reflector, no need to compile one on a Unix box. The
1,0b3c2 version I have only works with AV Macs, although reportedly later
versions support QuickCam. No idea what the pricing is yet.

The plusses are that it's a nicely done piece of software with good
performance and features. The minuses are that it doesn't interoperate
with CUSeeMe or MBone apps (tho this obviously isn't possible till Open
Transport is released allowing Macs to do IP multicasting, perhaps in
version 2).