Re: Windows 95....

Glenn Azlin (
Sat, 20 May 1995 10:46:05 +1000

> BJ asked/said..
> Many problems with Windows 95 and CUSEEME. Has anyone out there
> solved this problem. My IP package is Netmanage 4.0.
> If so I need to know what Winsock.dll version you have, etc. Actually
> My Netscape bummed out on me as well but my Netmanage works just fine
> (telnet and FTP).
> A 'special note' I have an older release of CUSEEME which I obtained
> about 8 to 10 months ago so if this will resolve my problem, let me
> know....

Having just 'done the deed' myself and installed Windows 95, I found that I
had lost my mailer/s, Netscape and especially Cu-SeeMe! My problem appears
to centre around the drivers etc. formerly used to establish the TCP/IP link
no longer being recognised by Win95. Win95 quite happily accepted previous
networking arrangements... being Novell 4.x AND Windows for Workgroups
operating concurrently.

It is the weekend's project to fix the problem. If I find a way, I'll be
happy to let you know!