Another CU-SeeMe Problem!

Howard Upchurch (
Sat, 20 May 1995 23:07:26 -0600

The CU-SeeMe freezing problem I asked about several weeks ago has turned
out to be that of my provider, National Knowledge Network, not anything on
my Mac or with the software. I appreciate the kindness of all those who
attempted to help me.

Thus far the problem has not been fixed, although NKN is aware of it and
has duplicated it with their own Mac & modem. Any suggestions I could send
their way would be appreciated. In the meantime I have a trial account with
Internet America and no longer experience the freeze. However...

I have found that after a few minutes of sending & receiving messages with
Talk Window, I get a message saying 'PBControl failed, error -23009' and my
only option is to Quit. The message appears immediately after I hit the
return key. Examination has shown that this is a message from the CU-SeeMe
software, not TCP or the like. I have replaced the TalkFM module and tried
the 68K version of CUSM. The problem is still there. If you know of any fix
for this before I have to repeat the hell I have just gone through with the
freeze problem, PLEASE let me know.

Repeating from my first message:
The equipment: Mac 7100/66 (Not AV), hot-clocked to 84 MHz, 48 MB RAM, 2
Gig Quantum HD connected to a PLI QuickSCSI Nubus card, Connectix QuickCam
on Printer Port (software version 1.03), System 7.5.1, Internal CD-ROM. I
access the Internet through a Supra 288 FaxModem, v.34, connected to the
Modem port.