Re: Help Diagnosing Error

Victor Franco (
Sun, 21 May 1995 13:11:06 -0700 (PDT)

I had the same problem when I first started using an older version.
What you need to do is put your IP address in your host table, along with
the name of your host. You should have a file named hosts in your winsock
directory. Use any text editor or use your software's config utility.

BTW: you must restart CUSEEME after this is done. Also you may get packet
errors while using CUSEEME, which will cause no response's from reflectors.
In this case restart program :)

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On Sun, 21 May 1995, Carol J Qazi wrote:

> Hi, CU-SeeMe fans, i just downloaded the windows version, installed it
> and the entered an CU-SeeMe IP that I picked up from IPhone (Vocaltec)
> traffic. Thrilled to a get picture of a guy in Sweden at his computer.
> But no sound. Since then I've been trying other transmitting IPs
> (Cornell, Nysernet etc.) but NOTHING! comes in. What a bummer! to use an
> old-fashioned phrase. What could have gone wrong suddrenly. The only
> message is see is "NO RESPNONSE FROM HOST." I can't believe that none of
> those IP addresses are broadcasting. Perhaps I've screwed up somthing.
> I'm on a 486/66, 8MB RAM, 14.4 modem. Any suggestins from anyone. Oh,
> one other thing: I'm a lurker - (not transmitting) no camera, folks :-(