Re: Problem

Stan Borinski (
Mon, 22 May 1995 12:18:20 -0400 (EDT)

> Hello,
> Here's a good one: I am running CUSEEME on a 8100/av at work and until
> last week everything was fine. Then without warning before I can run the
> program I need to change the screen to B&W or else the system will crash.
> Suggestions/solutions welcome. Thanks.
> erik

If by crashing you mean the "video goes crazy," then I suspect you're still
running System 7.1.2, and you are trying to digitize with millions of colors.
You should be OK with thousands (16-bit), but definitely with 256 (8-bit).
Try running Video Monitor. If it works, so should CU-SeeMe. The "video goes
crazy" problem for PowerMacs was fixed with System 7.5 (it now says "The
Built-in Digitizer cannot disply video while in the current number of colors"
like the Quadra AVs). One of the reasons to upgrade.

This should probably be added to the FAQ (at least I couldn't find it).


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