ANNOUNCE: Sites Needed

Jay M. Williams (
Wed, 24 May 1995 22:16:40 -0500

We will be broadcasting the full-length motion picture Party girl LIVE in
conjunction with the preview at the Seattle Film Festival on June 3rd at
9pm PST. We're working with Apple Computer, Inc., SGI, and many others to
put this on and we need reflector sites to tie into our mian side and act
as feeds to the rest of the world. We are getting a lot of media
attention and I have various local reports looking for carriers in their
areas to do stories on, etc... If you are interested in being a downstream
reflector site, please email me directly off list. We are currently still
looking for sites in New York and Continental Europe, but we'll consider
others if you have the bandwidth to spare! Thanks!

For more information on viewing the broadcast, stay tuned to this, your
fave mailing list, or check out

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