Videologic Captivator Qs
Wed, 24 May 1995 23:32:32 +0000

I just purchase the Captivator from Videologic. I have a few
questions to ask other Captivator users.

1) Why does the mouse pointer sloooow down considerably when I first
run CuSeeMe? Could this be attributed to the fps setting? I notice
that the mouse pointer run more smoothly when the fps is 0fps vs
30fps. Is there a solution to increase the speed of the mouse
pointer while running CuSeeMe?

2) I notice that the live window when running CuSeeMe is not as
sharp as others CuSeeMe users' screen. Does anyone experience this
same problem? Does the palette setting makes a difference in term of
how the image will look like in CuSeeMe?


Jack Nguyen