Automatic connecting :-(

Luk Van de Heyning (
Thu, 25 May 1995 14:36:30 +0200


perhaps these 2 questions where asked before...

1: Is there a way to prevent CuSeeme (PC/Windows version) to "automatic
connect". I hate it when it keeps connecting to (a) certain reflector(s),
when I say it to DISCONNECT and when I want to connect to another one.
I can click on disconnect forever, it just won't do it!

2: Is there a way to get more then 5 target-names in CuSeeme PC/Windows version?

That's it.

BTW: for those asking wich boards would work: I use a VideoBlaster SE100
(Creative labs) for both CuSeeme and VidCall. Perhaps not the best board
around, but it works.

Greatings / groetjes

Luk Van de Heyning

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