Re: Linux and Reflecto -Reply

Ko Stoel (
Thu, 25 May 1995 15:45:34 +0200

You will find it as

(author; Steve Baker

This archive is also available via the URLs:

Or from its mirrors see /pub/Linux/MIRRORS

It contains the patched sources as well as the binairies for Linux; you can
create your own reflect.conf file see the README. I put SELF-REFLECT in
it to at least reflect my single CUSM frontend for now


From: (Serasini Luca - Analista Programmatore
>>Jphn Baltzer wrote:
>>I think a pre-compiled version of the reflector software for Linux is
>>available for ftp from
>>Look in /pub/Linux/network/chat/reflect.3.0.b3-LINUX.tgz
>>but I had no access as anonymous, so I've found another way:

>It already works on Linux systems. I've been running a reflector
>without a hitch on Linux for two months now. I found the binaries
>already compiled somewhere on the 'net. I just don't remember where
>right now. Maybe someone on the list does.
>>>> Alex Watson <> - 5/24/95 8:05 PM >>>
>We are forming a group to get the reflector to work on a Linux
>system. If anyone is interested in working on this or has interest
>we would like to hear from you!