blake (
Wed, 24 May 95 22:11:37 PDT

I am REALLY new to this, in fact, the only thing I really know about
CUSEEME is that you can watch concerts on a live broadcast and you
need a WINSOCK stack.. Now, I have absolutely no clue as to what
a Winsock stack is, all I know is that I have:

IBM 486DX2 66Mhz w/8 megs o' RAm
Windows 3.1
a US Robotics 14.400 modem
I use a PPP connection to Phoenix Datasystems to access the net
have CUSEEME w0.33.b1
I am not connected to a LAN, this a Personal Computer.

It won't work.
It says,
"Gethostbyname0 failed [11004]"
"Problem at startup. CU-SeeMe will exit"

Help would be GREATLY