QuickCam Problem

Joseph M. Izen (joe@utdallas.edu)
Thu, 25 May 1995 09:23:11 -0700

I moved my QuickCam to my IIci 20MB Ram, sys 7.0.1 tuned (connected via
PPP and a 14.4K modem but I haven't gotten that far). When I try to launch
I get SPBOpen Device Failed error -97. If I run the apps that came from
Connectix (QuickPict and QuickMovie) I get:

The QuickCam Video component could not be opened. Please may sure the
QuickCam you have selected isn't in use by other software. ID =-9405.

Confusing things is, there isn't any other applications running. I have
used extension manager to turn off all but my quickcam extensions/control
panels, restarted, and got the same error. I reinstalled by Quickcam
software no no effect. I use Quickcam on my printer port, and have a modem
plugged into my modem port for what it is worth. Has anyone else seen this
sort of behavior, or have any suggestions? Thanks! -Joe Izen