Re: Macintosh Help

Leigh Webber (lwebber@MR.Net)
Thu, 25 May 1995 13:16:50 -0500

I'm a bit new to this as well, but perhaps I can offer a few tips.

> I am seeking guidance. I am a new CU-SeeMe user and managed to go to the
>cornell reflector site. I could not seem to get a complete image of any of
>the participants. Each window looked like a mosaic with pieces missing and
>the image was updating one sqaure at a time.

This is typical over a modem connection. You can speed things up by
minimizing or closing uninteresting windows. Just look at one at a time. You
can also tweak your TCP/IP stack (e.g. Trumpet Winsock). Maybe others can
suggest optimal settings.

> I also would like to know where
>I can find a list of sites where conferences are being held

Watch this mailing list for announcements. Most public CuSeeMe broadcasts
are announced here.

> and if you can create prive conferences with ither CU-SeeMe users.

You sure can. Start up CuSeeMe on both machines. Then, on the transmitting
machine, perform a connect to the IP address of the receiving machine. Note
that with many dial-up connections, the IP address is supplied dynamically
(i.e., it's different each time you dial up). You can often find out your
IP address by looking inside your Winsock application.