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david a. schlussel (
Thu, 25 May 1995 14:37:31 -0400 (EDT)

I mentioned this list in a post yesterday, i think, and
the list suddenly got tons-o-messages on how do i get
on this list. below are the instructions, hopefully
you are not filtering this information based on
keywords like subscribe...

This is an automated reply, but please read because there will be no
other reply -- you must resubmit your request to another address as
explained below.

The mbone list is primarily intended for people who operate multicast
router nodes on the MBONE, the Multicast Backbone. It is used to
announce new releases of multicast kernel and mrouted software, to
discuss problems observed with that software, and to coordinate
changes in the topology of the MBONE. If are an end user of
application programs on the MBONE but you don't operate a multicast
router node, the rem-conf list may be more appropriate for you (send a
message to to join.) Schedules for events on
the MBONE and new releases of application programs are announced there
in addition to general discussion of remote conferencing issues.

The mbone list is structured as a hierarchy of sublists:

top level (
regional sublists (e.g., Europe, North America)
country sublists (e.g., Australia, Japan)
institutional sublists (e.g., schools, network providers)

It is important that you join the sublist at the lowest level that is
available to you, not only for efficient delivery but also so that you
will receive mail of local interest that is sent directly to a sublist
rather than the top-level list.

If you want to subscribe to or unsubscribe from the mbone list, please
send your request to the appropriate "-request" list for your
institution, country or region. It is not practical to list all the
institutional sublists here, but please check with your local
administrator first. If there is no local list, send your request to
the appropriate country sublist if there is one:

New Zealand:
S. Africa:

If your country is not listed, send your request to the appropriate
regional sublist:

N. America:

Your request may be forwarded again to a lower-level list known by the
administrator but not listed here. After sending a request, please be
patient because sometimes it takes a few days before the list manager
can process the request. In any case, do NOT send your message to the list itself.

FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO UNSUBSCRIBE: Even if you subscribed some time
ago by sending a request to the top level list mbone-request, you
would have been added to one of the sublists. You might be on a
regional list even if there is a list for your country if that list
was formed after you joined. Please take a look at the "Received:"
lines in the header of a message you received from the mbone list to
see which of the mailing list hosts are in the path from the source to
your host. Also note that some messages are sent to both the rem-conf
and mbone lists, so if the message went through you may have
received it from the rem-conf list rather than the mbone list.

In particular, if you think you may be on the mbone-na list, you may
verify this with the following commands (variations on these commands
may work for other sublists):

telnet 25
expn mbone-na-list

There will be no response for several minutes while hundreds of DNS
hostname lookups are done, and then hundreds of lines will come
blasting out, so be ready. Since this command is somewhat expensive,
please don't use it frivolously.

to Frequently Asked Questions) may be obtained by anonymous FTP from, directory mbone, file faq.txt, or as a URL for WWW:

A variation of the FAQ in HTML form is available from:

A new quick-and-dirty guide that has more information on hardware
and software platforms is:

A good introductory article containing general information about the
MBONE and how it has been used is:

Two useful top-level listings of resources including the above and
others are: