nv/vat communication

david a. schlussel (dschluss@engin.umich.edu)
Thu, 25 May 1995 15:20:39 -0400 (EDT)

To the developers or anyone who might know:

I have found an anomoly in the windows version.

I've been testing CU-SeeMe's operation with Sun's and
I thought it was working fine untile we put up the
windows version and tried it there.

The sun is running nv/vat for video/audio. NV is sending a
screen grab around the cursor rather than from a video card
(which is a nice option since we have no card).

So far, from the sun i have seen and heard the audio
streams from macs.

>From the macs i have seen the screen grab from the sun
but, due to a lack of microphone on the sun (I really
hope that's all it will take), not yet heard from the sun.

>From the new windows machine, for which CU-SeeMe has no
audio support, I can see the mac screens, and the sun
window opened up, but displayed only a CU-SeeMe for
windows logo, and suddenly (as i was writing this) switched
to a gray background, but still no screen grab.

The refmon app that allows you to find out who is
connected lists the cu-seeme'rs as clients and
the NV-er as a NV UNICAST.

They are all running at the same time so I can see that
the macs are receiving. Why will windows not see what
macs can see?

Thanks for a wonderful piece of software.