Re: Videologic Captivator Qs

John Faherty (
Thu, 25 May 95 15:46:36 EDT

> I _had_ a captivator card... it didn't work, sent it back... but before I
> did, I spent about 40$ in LD calls to thier tech support about some of
> the same problems. The mouse moves slow because you have the old CapSnap
> drivers that come with the program, you will need to call Video Logic and
> they will give you thier BBS number to call and get the update. More $$$.
> Buy a cheap card, get cheap video and support... I'll never do that again.

Just for the record, I purchased a VideoLogic Captivator board (the $ 99
board, not the $ 199 Pro/TV board) directly from VideoLogic. I have installed
and used in on a Packard Bell PC, and 3 different Digital PC models, running
Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups 3.11, and Windows95 final beta. I
have not had a single problem, and have been broadcasting over Digital's
Wide Area Network for almost a month now. I also use it from home over
Trumpet Winsock running PPP, again without a SINGLE problem. I'd swear by this
board. It hasn't failed me yet, and works just GREAT with CU-SeeMe. I've
never once had to call VideoLogic about a problem, driver or not, because I've
never had a problem (perhaps I got the correct driver with the board because I
purchased direct from VideoLogic).


John Faherty

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