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26 May 95 16:01:00 -0500

In one of the latest MacWeeks, WhitePine software I believe bought the
rights (or a deritive thereof) to CUSEEME. The street price will be
about $100 US and they want to improve throughput, later add color,
application or sharing type interfaces, and better sound (and also
some sort of QuickTime integration). The most important thing is
throughput. It defines what happens when you are connected with low
speed line, what happens when you increase data traffic because of
color, what happens when you have a large number of users connected to
a single reflector, and what happens when you start adding advanced
features like application integration, etc.

By the way, the shareware verion supposed to continue to exist and be

Perot Systems Corporation

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Subject: color version of Cu-SeeMe
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Date: 5/26/95 4:35 AM

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I heard something about a colour version being released soon? Is this true?

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