Re: Satellite CU-SeeMe

John D. Balogh, +1 814 863 1252 (
Fri, 26 May 1995 14:30:05 -0400

At 01:14 PM 5/25/95 PDT, David R. Seay wrote:
>A new service is available that provides access to the Internet via
>satellite (see ). Data can
>be received at speeds up to 400kbps via a satellite dish. Maybe this
>could turn into a good way to broadcast CU-SeeMe videoconferences?
>Just something to look into.

>From that web page, it appears that Hughes/GM is charging for useage.
They seem to have a limit of 130MB/month for the most expensive plan.
If you only use CUSM and limit yourself to 100Kbps (watching only
2 others users at 50Kbps each) you could run for:
130MB*8b(/B)/100Kb/S = 10400 Seconds per month = 2.9 hours per month.

Hmmm. I still like ISDN at the same rate without a monthly limit.

John Balogh