Re: Macintosh Help

Leigh Webber (lwebber@MR.Net)
Fri, 26 May 1995 16:16:16 -0500

>What exactly *is* Trumpet/Windock? Are they two separate things?

I, uh, just noticed that your subject line says, "Macintosh Help." Oops.
My comments were directed to Windows users. Much of what I suggested,
however, might still be applicable. But not the thing about Trumpet Winsock.

"Winsock" is a Windows standard for communications between Windows programs
and a TCP/IP driver (the TCP/IP driver is often called a "stack." It is the
low-level routine that connects your network card or communications port to
other network computers using the TCP/IP protocols). A program that is
"Winsock compliant" should be able to communicate across the network using
any Winsock compliant stack.

"Trumpet" is a brand name of one particular Winsock product. It comes from
Tasmania, I think.