Re: color version of Cu-SeeMe

Bennett Frankel (
Fri, 26 May 1995 17:56:22 -0400 (EDT)

You are correct. I am on an ISDN line at 56K and the audio is very
choppy, I will soon go to 128k ISDN. I will let all know how it goes????

On Fri, 26 May 1995 wrote:

> In one of the latest MacWeeks, WhitePine software I believe bought the
> rights (or a deritive thereof) to CUSEEME. The street price will be
> about $100 US and they want to improve throughput, later add color,
> application or sharing type interfaces, and better sound (and also
> some sort of QuickTime integration). The most important thing is
> throughput. It defines what happens when you are connected with low
> speed line, what happens when you increase data traffic because of
> color, what happens when you have a large number of users connected to
> a single reflector, and what happens when you start adding advanced
> features like application integration, etc.
> By the way, the shareware verion supposed to continue to exist and be
> supported.
> BJ
> Perot Systems Corporation
> Just some observations, using CUSM under DOS and MAC for a few months I
> have determined that using CUSEEME on a reflector site (i.e.
> Cornell/NYSERNET etc) Audio is basically useless (I have my own 56k line
> so its not my speed) unless the sender STOPS sending video when sending
> audio the audio arrives garbled beyond recognition.
> I recently went point to point with a site in Dallas where we both
> experienced 43-45 kbps and 2 to 4 fps and still audio was totally
> unusable without turning off video while transmitting audio.
> My point you ask?
> CUSM will need major overhauling to just get the concurrent audio and
> video working so I wouldnt hold my breath for Color.
> Am I wrong or have others had better experiences with Audio?