Re: Videologic Captivator Qs

TERSiAN Dauthi -=Coolio Shiznitz=- (
Fri, 26 May 1995 17:47:43 -0400 (EDT)

On Fri, 26 May 1995 wrote:

> Tersian Dauthi <>,
> You wrote:
> >> > I _had_ a captivator card... it didn't work, sent it back...
> John Faherty <> wrote:
> >> Just for the record, I purchased a VideoLogic Captivator board (the $ 99
> >> board, not the $ 199 Pro/TV board) directly from VideoLogic. [...]
> >> I have not had a single problem, [...]
> No. You said you bought "a captivator card". John said he bought
> a "Captivator board". They are the same thing I believe.
> John went on to say "not the $ 199 Pro/TV board".

I admit, I did read the note incorrectly.
> >> and used in on a Packard Bell PC, and 3 different Digital PC models,
> > ^^^^^^^I am sorry... Packard Bell is garbage also.
> Interesting that the "garbage" worked without "a single problem",
> but your machines were not up to the task.

MAchines? I tried to install it on a Zeos P5/90, and if you will look in
any issue of PCmag/PC Computing or any other magazine that has benchmark
tests in it, you will find Zeos in the the top 3. Also, you will find
that the Zeos P5/90 is one of the best 90Mzh Pentiums on the market.
Packard Bell is garbage and if you want proof of this, try and replace
the I/O board on it... Oh wait, you can't it is integrated into the
motherboard... okay, now try and add another Drive to one... hmm thats
weird.. they both have to be the same size and same speed or they won't
work. This is just a few of the little? problems with a Packard Bell, not
to mention the claims that they are in financial dismay and are using
used parts in thier computers. I rest my case.

> It may have been worth the $10 extra to buy direct if that is the case
> (price comparison to Tiger software's $89 price posted here earlier).

You forget that I bought this card over a year ago... the price on these
VL cards have just recently dropped, but ordinarily when you buy straight
from a company, you pay retail.

> >Thats all fine and dandy if you want to pay retail, but for some of us
> >retail is a bit extravigant.
> Agreed, $10 price difference is very "extravigant".
> But you said that you went out and paid MORE than the retail price of
> the MORE EXPENSIVE VideoLogic board:

I bought the VL card at wholesale about a year ago, actually about 9
months ago. So, with inflation and all other factors fixed in, I can
probably get that same board wholesale for about 40$.

> >I run a Aztech Gamma Galaxy Card, not TOO expensive[...]
> >If anyone wants one of these cards I can get one for about
> >210$ plus tax and S&H.
> If the $99 retail board was "a bit extravigant", why is
> $210 "not TOO expensive"? That appears to be more than twice the amount.

Because the Aztech Card, I feel, is of better quality, and offers more to
the consumer. It also uses the Feature adapter of the user's video card
instead of using API calls to display video, in other words, it maps it
right to the screen instead of using intense processor calls to interpret it.

> >Vice-President
> >Modern Wizards Computing
> >717-867-1736
> I'm sure your experiences with installing simple hardware will cause
> us all to come knocking at your door for support contracts. Your pricing
> structure seems agressive also. What else do you sell?

Well, I am sure I will be more and willing to repair your Tandy..err
Packard Bell Mainframe if it should ever break down, I will get to it
right after the other 4-5 Packard Bell's I have here to fix. As far as
the Galaxy Card Pricing goes, I have a definate price on the Gamma Galaxy
Card.. 226.80$ if anyone is interested, but I am sure, you sir, would
rather stick with your VL Card, since it is so superior.

> Have a nice weekend.

Modern Wizards Computing.