Thanks to everyone!

Richard Collins (
Fri, 26 May 1995 20:25:25 -0230

With the arrival of one of 8 power macs to my office and getting CU
running in high rez across our net I was reminded that I had not thanked
those who offered advice in selecting the systems.

We decided upon 1 7100/AV with a 20 inch trinitron monitor for the
instruction to view the 7 remote sites and upon 7 6100/AV's for those
distant sites. Our project will feed courses out to the remote colleges
via broadcast sattelite and CU-Seeme will supply the return feeds from
those sites (one-way) for the instructor to monitor the (approx.) 550
students scattered around the province.

This system will be running 3 hours per day/5 days a week. The remote
sites are accessing the internet via 64k frame relay links.

This is an experiment and although the conclusions are not in yet the
course delivery may very well turn fully to something like CU-Seeme as
bandwidth improves.

Thanks again to all who offered words of wisdom and support. The
emotional drain for a PC person like myself to handle so many MACs (and
spend so much money) was only eased by the fact that I wore gloves
through the whole ordeal. :)