Problem with Novell LanWP.

Terence C. Carroll (
Fri, 26 May 95 23:50:56 PDT


I have been reading this list for some time, and was wondering if anybody
had used Novell's Lan Work Place for Windows with CUSeeMe. We have a
computer on campus that is connected via ethernet to a Gateway PC acting
as a Novell router connected to a 100VG-AnyLan (100Mbs) campus backbone.
I can receive CUSeeMe conferences, but I get low FPS, and slow screen
updates. Occasionally some of the video feeds come in smoothly, but
others are unwatchable. I know that it is possible to use CUSeeMe on
our campus network because 6 months ago, I set up a machine with
Chameleon 4.0 that ran great. I'm not sure if the low frame rates are
due to Novell LanWP, or that there is a sudden influx of users with low
bandwith transmitting poor pictures.


PS- To the CUSeeMe developers, great BOF at NetWorld/Interop. I was
impressed by the amount of work that you have put into CUSeeMe.
However, I am still waiting for the Windows audio version! :)

Terence C. Carroll ...Digerati