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27 May 95 13:37:00 -0500

Oh, in that case everything is better. This is the same argument that I had

with my managers - it is not what is better - it is what people are using.
other product has a 50,000+ user installed base to work from.

For example before I came to Germany in Feb. I evaluated several products
ALL were better than CUSEEME. Yet you go with what people are using,
whether it
is driven off of price or ease of use or whatever. Marketing sense.

I have dealt with PictureTel (PC) that worked great but required expensive
hardware per workstation. It did many things and well.

On the other side ES.F2F (Mac) was outstanding for the mac and I think that
demo comes with every mac now. ES.F2F can do cool things like remote end
panning (controlling where the camera on the other end is pointed).

However none of these products communicate with CUSEEME. None of these
have been widely excepted by the user community. Their problem was that
came out with the only the Rolls Royce without coming out with the economy
version. Granted everyone wants a Rolls Royce more than a Hugo, but a Hugo
obviously attract more customers (no matter how ugly).

White Pine's approach seems to be '...the economy (Hugo) version is out
let's build the mid-size, then the Ferarri'. Smart business sense.

If you are still not convinced that their approach is the best way then here
some actual examples,

Sony had a much better technology with beta, but VHS beat them out because
was cheaper with more capacity. Lotus 123 and WordPerfect were much better
their Microsoft Word & Excel competitors, yet they crumbled because they did
jump on the Windows bandwagon. Better quality lost to what people wanted.
FYI, WordPerfect corporation had to lay off more than 1000 programmers
of this calculated booboo. All of this information was publicized. Remember

OS/2 .........

Information in this eMail was a reply to a color CUSEEME, not what had color
what was better, etc. Part of my job was evaluating this stuff.

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>Does it support CUSEEME? If so, tell me how I can find/get it.
>Thanks for your reply,

I should also mention that it doesn't work with Macs. Don't know what
machine you're using. No, it doesn't "support"'s a program
LIKE CUSEEME. Actually, it's much better. Has a whitboard shared workspace

and supports all capture cards that work with Video for Windows. You can
a demo of it at:

Check it out. If you like CUSEEME, you'll surely like Vidcall.

Jay Nelson