Re: interfacing CU-SeeMe to WWW server.....

Glenn Silverberg (
Sat, 27 May 1995 09:16:12 -0400

> do I setup my machine so that a client can click on a link and it
>will connect them to my CU-SeeMe program?
>I thought I read somewhere that someone was doing this....
>Carlin "CTow" Wiegner e-mail:
>Stanford University
>Talk and Vat (NetPhone) services available at
>CU-SeeMe services at

Just enter the ipaddress when you hit the connect button. To test it out you can
connect to "yourself". just hit connect and then enter "your" ipaddress. You
then get a second tv screen which will be a dupe of your main screen. I
"think" it
will test the system but of course it will not test your modem speed because
it is
a direct link. The system has to work before you can hope to put data out
over the modem

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