Re: Plaintalk mike

W. Kinsner (
Sat, 27 May 1995 07:28:21 -0600

At 8:53 PM 5/26/95, David Winet wrote:
>We just got a 6100. My mike doesn't work, nor does the mike from
>a Classic II. A call to Apple got us the info that we need
>a "Plaintalk" mike, whatever that i is!
>A call to the local Apple seller got us the info that they have been
>backordered on that mike for THREE MONTHS. Way to go, Apple.
>Does anybody know 1) where to get a plaintalk mike or
> 2) how to do sound on a PowerPC 6100 without one?
>Any hints gratefully accepted and a blessing on your heads.
>David Winet

The diffrence between the old regular mike and the PlainTalk mike
is in the size of the plug. Both plugs have three contacts, but the
old one is shorter (9/16 inch) than the PlainTalk (3/4 inch).

Both plugs have the same diameter. Similarly , both plugs have
the same length of the first ring (1/4 inch) and the legth of the
tip (3/16 inch). However, the middle rings are different in length
(1/8 inch on the old mike, and 5/16 inch on the PlainTalk).
I could not find an adapter for the old mike, and had to wait for
the PlainTalk mike too.

W. Kinsner