Re: Plaintalk mike

Christopher Davis (
Sat, 27 May 1995 15:26:43 -0400

WK> == W Kinsner <>

WK> The diffrence between the old regular mike and the PlainTalk mike is
WK> in the size of the plug. Both plugs have three contacts, but the old
WK> one is shorter (9/16 inch) than the PlainTalk (3/4 inch).

That's to allow the PlainTalk to draw power from the port, without the
port zapping any "normal" length plugs used with it. This power is needed
to let the PlainTalk mic generate a line-level signal.

WK> I could not find an adapter for the old mike, and had to wait for
WK> the PlainTalk mike too.

The old mic only puts out mic-level output. You need an amplifier or a
powered mic to get a line-level signal to send into the Mac.