Re: Videologic Captivator Qs

John Faherty (
Sat, 27 May 95 21:26:07 EDT

Enough of this rhetoric, Packard Bell bashing, and infighting, please :-).

The bloody $ 99.00 VideoLogic Captivator works, period "." Those of us in the
PC corner who've been starving over the last year for lack of a relatively
widely useable board for the PC, since the demise of the VideSpigot from
Creative Labs, are pleased to pieces about this new turn of events. Now we
get to be first class CU-SeeMe video senders, without paying a fortune
for it. That's good :-) Those of us with other boards that work, god bless
you. That's good too :-) More of us can now communicate visually with each

So let us of the PC persuasion now turn our attention towards the future:

- The next release of CU-SeeMe for Windows will support audio, full duplex
if you've got a board that supports it (e.g. - the Media Vision Pro Audio
Spectrum - I may have been video starved until the Captivator, but I haven't
been audio starved, since I've got one of them thar boards :-), and half
duplex if you don't. I'm personally very excited about using this particular
feature of the next release of CU-SeeMe, due shortly (it's the end of May,
Steve and Rich, where is it, lap, lap, ... ?-). Report your audio findings
to the list. I will :-).

- The Connectix QuickCam for Windows should be production shipped some time
over the next 1 - 2 months. If it's anything like the long-standing Mac
QuickCam, we are finally talking Mac-like easy install, video conferencing
for the PC masses. No more hardware surgery on your PC to install a board
(video, anyway :-). No more, "well, the board's only $ 99, $ 199, $ 599,
whatever, but then you also need a video source device, such as a
camcorder - another $ 400 - $ 1000". Again, I plan on buying one of these
suckers, and trying it, and will report my results. I encourage you to do
the same if you also buy one and try it with CU-SeeMe.

Regards and CU,

John Faherty

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