Re: Videologic Captivator Qs

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Sat, 27 May 1995 22:48:07 -0400 (EDT)

Where can I buy a VideoLogic Captivator board?



On Sat, 27 May 1995, John Faherty wrote:

> Enough of this rhetoric, Packard Bell bashing, and infighting, please :-).
> The bloody $ 99.00 VideoLogic Captivator works, period "." Those of us in the
> PC corner who've been starving over the last year for lack of a relatively
> widely useable board for the PC, since the demise of the VideSpigot from
> Creative Labs, are pleased to pieces about this new turn of events. Now we
> get to be first class CU-SeeMe video senders, without paying a fortune
> for it. That's good :-) Those of us with other boards that work, god bless
> you. That's good too :-) More of us can now communicate visually with each
> other.
> So let us of the PC persuasion now turn our attention towards the future:
> - The next release of CU-SeeMe for Windows will support audio, full duplex
> if you've got a board that supports it (e.g. - the Media Vision Pro Audio
> Spectrum - I may have been video starved until the Captivator, but I haven't
> been audio starved, since I've got one of them thar boards :-), and half
> duplex if you don't. I'm personally very excited about using this particular
> feature of the next release of CU-SeeMe, due shortly (it's the end of May,
> Steve and Rich, where is it, lap, lap, ... ?-). Report your audio findings
> to the list. I will :-).
> - The Connectix QuickCam for Windows should be production shipped some time
> over the next 1 - 2 months. If it's anything like the long-standing Mac
> QuickCam, we are finally talking Mac-like easy install, video conferencing
> for the PC masses. No more hardware surgery on your PC to install a board
> (video, anyway :-). No more, "well, the board's only $ 99, $ 199, $ 599,
> whatever, but then you also need a video source device, such as a
> camcorder - another $ 400 - $ 1000". Again, I plan on buying one of these
> suckers, and trying it, and will report my results. I encourage you to do
> the same if you also buy one and try it with CU-SeeMe.
> Regards and CU,
> John Faherty
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