Audio + Video

Luk Van de Heyning (
Sun, 28 May 1995 11:46:13 +0200

Yes, I want audio in the Windows version to... Still waiting... :-)

But I read a lot of messages in this CuSeeme area of people telling that
audio and video can't be combined, because of traffic being to much for
low-speed modem-connections.

I agree that things won't be perfect, but I just wonder why the combination
CuSeeme + Iphone (or even VidCall + Iphone) DOES WORK! (on a 28.8 dial-up

I think this combination works great, and wonder why it should be impossible
to combine video and audio in one program?

Greatings / groetjes

Luk Van de Heyning

(-: PhD Internet-Addictions :-)