Re: Yee-hah! New reflector version 32
Sun, 28 May 95 19:19:49

>I've made it *much* easier for folks to find the BinHex 4 (Mac) and ASCII
>(Win) versions of the CU-SeeMe reflector list at
>I'm working on fixing up the broken images at
> Using Air-Mosaic on a functioning system (have done FTPs via Air Mosaic
> before) clicking on your list of reflectors gets me:
> HTAccess: Error Accessing
> "ftp:./CUSeeMe_Nicknames.txt".
> "unable to access requested local file"
> Is it me or are others unable to get to this link?
> Whats the full ftp path so I can just go ftp it?
> Thanks

This isn't an FTP URL. It is a web URL. I do not know what your Air-Mosaic
is trying to do, but I have tried it with both NCSA Mosaic and Netscape.
Both allow you to click on the link, load the linked file into the web
client and then Save the file. I do not understand what you are trying to
do with FTP because it is not a FTP link.

Tim Mulkey
Indiana State University

I am not trying to ftp it! I was asking for the full path to ftp it since
clicking on the link resulted in the above error message.
Based on responses from other folks it works for some and not for others.
Oh well.