Getting CU-SEEME up on PC

Carol J Qazi (
Sun, 28 May 1995 21:36:52 -0700 (PDT)

Here's something I found out about running CU-SeeMe on a PC/Windows (486/66)
with the Chameleon stack. I was having no luck. Then Victor Franco
suggested I put my own IP in the HOSTS file which resides in the
Chameleon (netmanag) dir. I did that without quite understanding what I
was doing. It did not work. Turns out the IP one has put in the HOSTS
file is the temporary IP that is assigned to you when the Chameleon
starts running after you log on. The IP that is displayed in the
"Custom" window is the one I was putting in and that won't work. To get
the valid IP which will be different every time you log on, click on the
green Chameleon Icon at the bottom of the screen. NEWT. It will display
your "real" IP. Put that in the HOSTS file (through the "Custom"
screen). Having done that, launch CU-SeeMe. It should work. I am
assuming you've got your .dlls in the right places as directed by the zip
file directions.