compatibility w/ netcom's netcruiser tcp/ip stack

Daniel Leslie (
Sun, 28 May 1995 21:43:03 -0700

hey there folks...

just got an account with netcom and i'm trying out cu-seeme.
the app loads fine, but when i type in a reflector's ip address, then
it gives me a general protection fault regarding some file in the
netcom directory (netcomws.dll - i dunno if the "ws" has anything to do
with my winsockets or not) and the program closes. so i try it the second time, and after a few seconds of looking for
the reflector, tells me that there is no response.

so far i haven't gotten connected to anything...i've tried about 20
different reflectors, including and a few other supposedly
busy ones.

anyway, i'm just curious if this is normal, or if my failure to get a
response from a reflector is a result of the general protection fault i
experience when i load the program the first time...or if cu-seeme is
even compatible with netcruiser at all.

i'm using netcruiser v1.6 (latest), 8megs ram, 486dx33, dial-up
connection (i think)

if there's anyone out there using netcruiser & cu-seeme successfully,
let me know...and yes, it supports winsock 1.1

thanks in advance.