Re: Audio + Video

Carol J Qazi (
Sun, 28 May 1995 21:22:02 -0700 (PDT)

The first part of this message is for Luk only. The rest is for everyone
on the list, especially PC users. Luk could you explain how you get both
Iphone and CUseeme working at the same time i.e together.

Now for the message to all PC users who are trying to get CUSEEME working
under Windows. I've been trying to use CUSeeMe on my 486/66 with the
Chameleon stack. I don't have a video capture card. I thought I'd set
up everything right but kept getting the following message whenever I
tried to connect to a broadcasting IP "There is no response from
NNN.NNN.NNN.NNN So I kept trying to find IPs that I thought would be
transmitting. No luck. Victor Franco was kind enough to suggest I put
my own IP number in the "HOST" file in the Chameleon dir. I did that.
No luck. To make a long story short, here's the secret. The IP in your
HOST file has to be the one that gets assigned to you when you log on.
It is always a different one! At least for those of us with PPP accounts
with Internet providers. The IP that comes up in the "Custom" screen as
your IP is NOT THE REAL THING AND WON"T WORK. Once you log on, click on
the green chameleon icon (NEWT) and that will display your current
session IP. Thats the one you should put in the "HOST" file. Having
done that (without breaking contact with your provider) you can start
CUSEEMe and it will work. If you break contact and re-log on, your IP
might be different, so check it again by clicking on the green chameleon
icon at the bottom of your scree. I realize that there are not very many
of us using CU-SeeMe on the PC, but I thought I'd put this info out on
the list. Thanks.

On Sun, 28 May 1995, Luk Van de Heyning wrote:

> Yes, I want audio in the Windows version to... Still waiting... :-)
> But I read a lot of messages in this CuSeeme area of people telling that
> audio and video can't be combined, because of traffic being to much for
> low-speed modem-connections.
> I agree that things won't be perfect, but I just wonder why the combination
> CuSeeme + Iphone (or even VidCall + Iphone) DOES WORK! (on a 28.8 dial-up
> connection).
> I think this combination works great, and wonder why it should be impossible
> to combine video and audio in one program?
> Greatings / groetjes
> Luk Van de Heyning
> (-: PhD Internet-Addictions :-)