Re: Yee-hah! New reflector version 32

Stan Borinski (
Mon, 29 May 1995 04:44:16 -0400 (EDT)

> > At 10:17 5/28/95, Fred Salerno wrote:
> > >On Sun, 28 May 1995 wrote:
> > >> "ftp:./CUSeeMe_Nicknames.txt".
> > >> "unable to access requested local file"
> > >
> > >Same here. I tried the full path in FTP and still no luck.
> >
> > Why are you guys trying to ftp the files? You can't just substitute "ftp"
> > for "http" wherever you want to. The files are delivered via HTTP.
> This nearly works:
> You must save it as text and then drop it to stuffit expander.
> M.Sattler should also stop blaming others and fix his link.
> HTTP"ftp:./CUSeeMe_Nicknames.txt" is not working for anybody else than himself.
> Tuomas

Whoa, Tuomas! Mr. Sattler is doing us all a big favor by compiling this
list and making it available. Regardless of any typos/errors he might make
in doing so, you should keep that in mind.

That said, I think I sent him a message about this a while back (see below).

In essence, he needs to make it an http HREF *explicitly*. I don't know what
the HTML source looks like from his end, but in any viewer other than Mac
Netscape, it looks like:
The definitive <A HREF="ftp:./CUSeeMe_Nicknames.hqx">CU-SeeMe Reflector
List </A>

Even viewing the source from Mac Netscape shows this. However, Mac Netscape
resolves it correctly, and performs an http connection vs. an ftp connection.

Sorry for the bandwidth folks,

P.S. - Mike, move the '<' from the /HEAD tag to the H1 tag on your Macintosh
Video FAQ. ;)
P.P.S. - And Cornell, don't forget to update your reflector MOTD to "reflect"
the current Windows and reflector versions. ;)

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Subject: Re: Reflector List Doesn't Work! Does! Doesn't!
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>Michael Sattler supplied a URL:
>Yes, both appear to work OK with Mac Netscape, but I was using xmosaic 2.4.
>Before they both didn't work. Now the full URL works, but not the reference
>on your CU-SeeMe page. In xmosaic, it remains as ftp:./CUSeeMe_Nicknames.txt
>vs. Mac mosaic, which translates it to http:... /CUSeeMe_Nicknames.txt (full
>URL). Weird.

Mac bigot here. Until I get my SPARCstation up and running I can't check
Stan's report. Am I missing something about making URLs for text files?
Or is that flavor of xmosaic broken?

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