RE: White Pine "Plans"

Steve Loboyko (
Mon, 29 May 1995 14:35:09 -0500

> Year end enhanced commercial version
> Estim. street price $100
> QuickTime Savvy
> Imporved frame rate (faster than the 12 frame limit)
> Compatibility to the H.320 and T.120 standard
> Application Sharing
> White board
> Improved Audio
> Windows NT based reflector

All this, with 300 baud modems (_my comment_:))

I really don't think that these people know what they are up against. The CU-delvelopers are probably privately snickering about the above list. Meebe on some future Power PC-type chip running at about 400 Mhz, or some trick special-purpose coprocessor chip, but for now...

If they think that it just needs some cleanup, polish, and a few more features...!

I just don't think users really understand what atomic rocket science it is to develop efficent _and_ fast compression techniques, and then what coding it can be like when you are looking up individual instruction clock cycles in obscure manuals. The CU algorithm is probably a good balance of what the "average" pc or mac can do, audio, network "stack" speed limitations, etc.

Bearing in mind that CU-SeeMe is free and I have no biz commenting on it, the user interface (the Windows version, anyway) is kinda crummy...the reason, of course, is that the developers have probably devoted 90% of their time in the compression, 9% in compatibility with particular PC/MACS, and 1% in the UI.

I had to eat my hat before concerning how well iphone works, but in this case, I think my hat is safe.

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