Re: Quick Cam for PC connection

Don Johnson (
Mon, 29 May 1995 22:06:00 -0400

>I think the PC QuickCam will use the parallel port--so yes, possibly.
>On Sun, 28 May 1995, David Winet wrote:
>> Does anyone know if it will be possible to simultaneously plug in the new
>> PC Quick Cam *and* a modem (external)? Might I need a SCSI type set up
>> to get enough ports?
>> Thanks
>> (David Winet)

If the cam uses a parallel port that's easy. You can get a second parallel
port for a standard PC for abt $20.00. It is on a card by itself. Also, you
can get a simple A-B switch and just not use your printer and camera at the
same time.

If the cam uses a serial port that can be a bit more complicated. It's
difficult (almost impossible) to find stand-a-lone serial cards that go past
the standard COM 1 through Com 4. And in most cases, only 2 of those can be
used at the same time, If you're using an external modem chances are you
have the modem on Com 2 and the mouse on Com 1. Since you use both of those
at the same time a switch won't work. The next solution is to use an
internal modem and free up one of your serial ports. I use an external 14.4
modem for voice mail and an internal 28.8 for internet and modem connections.


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