re: Performa problems

29 May 95 22:12:58 EDT

On 5.29.95, Tom Merlin wrote:

> NO Performa (630, 638, ...) is CU-SEEME compatible using the built-in
> digitizer card.

I've been 'list-lurking' for many months now, but recently there's been
a spate of questions about compatibility of the Quadra 630 family with
CU-SeeMe; this has prompted me to re-emerge from the shadows -- so
goes the following:

1) There is no *built-in* digitizer for the Quadra/Performa/LC 63x
series Macs. Rather, there is a unique dedicated slot in these
models for an optional Q630 family video digitizing card (or video
+ TV tuner card).

2) According to the introductory article that appeared in Macworld, this
video card provides digitizing features similar to the AV Macs:
"In fact, the card uses the same Phillips digitizing chips".
Apple also designed a custom chip, unique to the 630's video
card, allowing for a few video enhancements not available in
original AV's. It is still not clear to me whether the incompatibility
of this video card with CU-SeeMe is due to these enhancements,
or whether it arises due to the lack of some component which is present
in the original AV's architecture.

As far as I can tell, presence or absence of an fpu isn't a factor
in success or failure launching CU-SeeMe. So it's not an issue of whether
you've got a Performa, LC or Quadra version of the 630.

The first and last time I wrote to this list was in October, precisely
about the compatibility of the Q630 card with the beloved Cornell betas.
I was in the throes of making a decision about what Mac to purchase, and
the 630's appeared to be an obvious 'entry-level' choice; but I wanted to
to make sure that there was a reasonable way to run CU-SeeMe on this model,
either with Apple's custom card, or through a compatible 3rd party PDS card.
I received some gracious responses (for which I am thankful -- it seems
that worthies on this list are uncommonly patient and good-humored when
assisting inexperienced vid-con aspirants), but no responses from anyone
actually using a Q630. But this was not terribly surprising, as the series
had only just been released; and besides, the **gleam-in-the-eye** factor
of this series was most apparent to nose-against-the-glass dreamers,
not to the grizzled veterans, equipped already with heavy artillery, and
quite busy even then bing--bing---BINNNNNNGing their smiling mugs about the

Ricochet Rabbits ...


Next, smacked by the OBVIOUS:
On a very tentative hunch I started rereading my quickly accumulating,
archived list files. I had started to realize why there was such a buzz
over the impending introduction of the QuickCam, which I had already
determined was my most reasonable *camera* option. But it was also DIGITAL --
might this mean that I needn't concern myself about an additional video card?
(OK, I already said I was smacked by the obvious...). A note to/response from
Michael Sattler confirmed that I was on the right track, *finally*.(Thanks,
again, Michael). Thus reassured, purchase was made of a P636 in January.

So it's not really in narrow self-interest that I ask whether consideration
might be given to supporting the 630's video card, for the following

1) Like the QuickCam, it provides a 'reasonable' (as these things
go) option for low-cost entry for those purchasing a new Mac.

2) It's popular as an entry-level K-12 Mac (sold as LC models),
and among University goers (as the Performa 636)

3) (I've heard) that it has been the best-selling current Mac

4) Reading entrails, it seems that the dedicated video slot may
be included in future Macs (but compatible? who knows?)

5) Finally, considering the traffic generated by pleas for
compatibility with various PC cards, might it be reasonable to
also consider this particular Mac option?


Please forgive my preceding discursiveness. As I've noted, I haven't said
anything since October, and I guess I'm starting to feel at home with a
large group of 'strangers'/but not... . Besides, on June 2 I'll be on this
list for a whole year,

so ***Hello*** -- and thanks for all the fish

John Solorzano
Washington, DC EEUU