Re: CU-SeeMe with audio....

Glenn Azlin (
Tue, 30 May 1995 12:15:13 +1000

>>As for the audio version of CU-SeeMe for the PC, there appears to be an
>>increasingly long queue of potential users. I have a sneaking suspicion that
>>this version will work better using the better (?) memory managment
>>capabilities etc of Windows 95.
>>I too, eagerly and almost impatiently) await the PC sound version...
>> Glenn Azlin.
... to which replied...
>Yeah and it will also crash better too!

Win95 allows me to view as many screens as there are reflected... deal with
e-mail, suffer a Barry Manilow CD and keep an eye on some prawn using my PC
as a printer server...concurrently (or what ever it is called when you do
that sort of multiple processing with an Intel processor), and IT STILL


PS: A crash did eventually occur... when I pushed the manual eject button on
the CD-ROM player to eliminate Barry Manilow!