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John D. Balogh, +1 814 863 1252 (
Tue, 30 May 1995 10:49:05 -0400

>1. I am using the PC version and running into a minor problem. A lot of
>times I disconnect from a site and then it reconnects me again in about 2
>seconds. I realise this is beta, but is there a packet coming back to me
>re-activating something?

The queue from your output IP stack didn't complete, and the input
IP queue was probably also way behind. This is not so much of a problem
on an ethernet, but if you are running from home... :-(
A solution is to EXIT CUSM for a few seconds after your disconnect command
(wait for modem to catch up) and then start it up again. Works for me
at home.

>2. In preferences - transmission settings, it won't allow me to change the
>max kbits/sec: box or the min kbits/sec box (clicking on them won't give me
>a prompt in the box).

Probably don't have MSVIDEO.DLL set up right.

>3. No effect on the brightness/contrast either. Maybe these come alive when
>a camera is hooked up.

Ah! There's the answer to #2. You can't set _TRANSMISSION_ stuff if you
have nothing to TRANSMIT.
Yes. They have no effect on anything but the input from a camera.

>4. Where's the .ini to add IP addresses to one's list?

It is a rolling list (last 5 sites used). I don't bother trying to set it.
I have a .txt file with the reflectors (courtesy M. Sattler :-) and just
cut'n'paste from it. Takes about 1 second more than using the list
(which I use if I'm just going to re-connect to the last reflector or so
anyway... kind of what it was probably intended for) rather than using
some other helper app. BTW: There was a posting a week or so ago about
such an app, but I ignored it since I'm already happy. Sorry.

>PS> I dig the program, and think it will haul ass with ISDN.

Nice also with ethernet across campus!

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