Serious problem with SGI-Version of NV and CU-SeeMe reflector

Karl-Heinz Gasper (
Tue, 30 May 1995 17:22:31 +0000

Hello ALL,
after installing NV on our SGI (OS: IRIX V4; Release 5.2) I tried to
start NV on our SGI (command: NV ipadr port-nr. ). 'ipadr' is the address of a
CU-SeeME reflector, which is installed on a HP (without multicast cernel,
therefore reflector compilation without -DMULTI); 'port-nr' is defined
in this refector as unicast port (NV-UC-PORT port).
The result of the start above is a small empty control panel with reflector-
and SGI-address and the defined port-number (not a panel
with two or three main regions as described in NV man page!). The only choice
at this point is to close NV.
The NV ftp-server offers two NV versions, we installed 'nvbin-3.2.irix4.tar.Z' .
What may be the reason for our problem?
Thanks in advance;