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Luk Van de Heyning (
Tue, 30 May 1995 22:27:24 +0200

Hi folks,

I just received some e-mail from my Internet Access Provider.... :-(

Bad news: he wants me to quit using CuSeeme, he is looking for a way to
prevent people from using CuSeeme, he will put hardware-filtering in his
routers to prevent people from using CuSeeme etc.

It seems that I (yes only me) was the cause of a major panic in Europe last
weekend, because I logged in to the reflector at Cornell and watched the
other for about one hour. And the whole of Europe couldn't use the Internet
no more...

I tracked traffic (using TCP-meter), and indeed, traffic goes up to about 8
Kbytes/sec incoming traffic. Outgoing about 2 - 4 kbytes/sec.

My provider claims that's as much as 20-40 "normal" users.

And he want's to kick me off...And ban CuSeeme.

As he is connected to Eunet (one of the major back-bones over here in
Europe) I feel that that is very bad news.

Isn't there a way to limit INCOMING traffic, as there is a way to limit

I monitored traffic caused by VidCall (yes, only a 1 to 1 connection :-( )
It's only about 2 Kbytes max, with many "holes" in the trafic. CuSeeme seems
to cause a constant traffic of about 4 to 8 kbytes.

Anyone any idea to keep me working?

Perhaps the people at Cornell (who did a terrific job making CuSeeme) should
look into a way for better compression... (even better?)

I hope I'll SEE YOU PEOPLE in the near future!

Greatings / groetjes

Luk Van de Heyning

(-: PhD Internet-Addictions :-)