Re: CuSeeme overloading the net?

Michael Sattler (
Tue, 30 May 1995 17:12:58 -0700

At 14:13 5/30/95, Luk Van de Heyning wrote:

>My provider checked things out after I caused a major panic over here in
>Europe (by using CuSeeme it seems I overloaded the net).
>He claims CuSeeme (or the reflectors) are NOT TCP/IP, but UDP/IP.

He's absolutely right.

>And in the "small print" of the providers contract it says they will provide
>total TCP/IP access. So they legally can cut this UDP/IP - thing...
>preventing us from using CuSeeme!

I don't know about legally - it's whatever your contract specifies. My
Internet Service Provider (ISP) provides me with Internet access - we don't
talk about UDP, NNTP, NTP, or anything else. Otherwise I walk to another

>Does anyone know what UDP means? And what the difference is compared to TCP/IP

It's a protocol that doesn't check whether the packets are recieved on the
other side. Connections don't always require retransmissions in the event
of dropped packets - a live video stream is a good example of this.

>My provider claims CuSeeme (or the reflector) do NO CHECKING wether the
>packets sent are all received.

That's part and parcel of UDP.

>I wan't to keep using CuSeeme (I love it), but I don't want to cause more
>trouble to the rest of Europe!

We've talked about this before. Per has made recommendations on keeping
the bandwidth usage low in his neck of the woods - monitor your
transmission cap and be a nice net citizen :-)

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