OS2 Warp Testing With CUSeeMe

Tue, 30 May 95 21:29:02 +0500


OS/2 Warp testing is as follows:

I loaded a trumpet winsock using under a full OS/2 Windows session and it
worked like a champ. I suspect the following with CUSeeMe:
a) it is specifically ported to Windows (hard to believe)
b) a special VDM needs to be setup to run under a PM
c) the winsock.dll found in the TCPIP IBM stack is not compat
d) the host and services file must be waxed in the TCPIP IBM dataset

I'll keep you posted; one thing noticed - it runs fast as ants under OS/2
Windoze session versus a native Windoze session (I dual booted).

>From the Magic Kingdom....

// Stephen M. Borsen
// Orlando, Flordia
// OS/2 Warp Version 3