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I guess video card was a little vague and a poor choice of words.

What "video card" actually refers to in the survey is a video capture (frame grabber) card.

Most Intel based PCs do come with a default video/monitor card, but no "standard" Intel PCs come with a video frame grabber card (that I'm aware of) :)

CUSeeMe requires only that the video/monitor card support "4-bit (16 levels) of grayscale and window sizes of either 320x240 or 160x120 pixels."

Those that have cameras are sending video as well (unless otherwise noted in the "problems" section of the survey).

CUSeeMe only works with various cameras and video frame grabber card combinations.

There's a list of working cameras and video frame grabber cards floating around this list. If the person maintaining it doesn't respond to you, let me know and I'll mail you the latest list I have.

Hopes this clears up any mis-understandings,


>I'm confused - In Bill Ryan's CU See Me config survey, a video card is one of
>the listed items, don't most PCs come with a video card automatically? And
>is there a special type that is required to run CU-See Me? I've looked at my
>CU-See Me faq and it doesn't list a specific video card in the receive video
>spec list, just a video driver at any resolution--standard also, right?
>In the send video spec list, it only states a video capture board that
>supports MS
>Video for Windows (driver listed above?) and of course the video camera are
>Is my information wrong? If not, I am interested in finding out what video
>capture boards folks are using. I'm also presuming that because respondents
>to the survey are listing cameras, their configurations are for sending
>video as well.
>Thanks and please set me straight.
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