Re: CU-SeeMe Setup config survey
Wed, 31 May 95 11:33:04


I guess video card was a little vague and a poor choice of words.

What "video card" actually refers to in the survey is a video capture (frame grab
ber) card.

Most Intel based PCs do come with a default video/monitor card, but no "standard"
Intel PCs come with a video frame grabber card (that I'm aware of) :)
New IBM Thinkpads do. <GRIN>
The high end multimedia ones

CUSeeMe requires only that the video/monitor card support "4-bit (16 levels) of g
rayscale and window sizes of either 320x240 or 160x120 pixels."

Those that have cameras are sending video as well (unless otherwise noted in the
"problems" section of the survey).

CUSeeMe only works with various cameras and video frame grabber card combinations